Saturday, December 1, 2007

Maternity Shoot

I can not even begin to describe the amount of fun I had today during this maternity shoot. She is 2 weeks ahead of me with a little boy as well, so I bet it was funny for onlookers to see 2 pregnant women waddle their way around our shoot location. Thanks Pam and Joseph...I had a BLAST!


Anonymous said...

Dawn said....Great pics, amber!! Pam looks great!! I hated how I looked while pregnant, so I wouldn't have many pics taken, but other people always look adorable. I believe Jolie actually has one of me 9 months in a swimsuit when we were all on vacation together. Remember that?? Ha, Ha, good times! You did a great job on these. Love ya!

amber said...

How could I forget that time when we were vacationing? HA! I enjoyed poking my finger into your foot and seeing the indention stay. You were so swollen! HAHA!! Good times. :)